There is something so inspirational and magical about a new Year! The hindsight of which we become aware in looking back on the prior year provides a lot of insight into changes we need to make in order to live more healthy, fulfilling lives. It becomes a time of wanting to clear out the old things that were hindering us to make room for the things that can help us to grow and make positive changes.

One thing that I started doing was going through my junk emails and rather than deleting them, I unsubscribed from the list. Rather than just complaining about receiving them, I chose to do something about it, and let me tell you how amazing it felt to not only get rid of them but to ensure I would not receive them again!

But it got me thinking about the other things in my life from which I could unsubscribe.  The websites, social media groups, and people who may or may not be well meaning, but whose messages are not helping to affirm or inspire me. Negative people who only complain or who make snide comments, who name call or body shame, or who only post things with the intention of getting others worked up-UNSUBSCRIBE! Family or friends who only call when they need something from you but who aren’t there to support you-UNSUBSCRIBE! Social groups or obligations that are only draining-UNSUBSCRIBE!Anything that is not life-giving, supportive, or helping you to live a healthy fulfilling life-UNSUBSCRIBE!

We only have so much time and energy to give, so I think it is our responsibility to be diligent about who and what gets our attention! We have to be careful to what we expose ourselves-by monitoring what we are reading, with whom we decide to spend time, and in what social obligations and experiences we choose to participate so that we can eliminate the mental clutter to make room for what will empower and fulfill us!

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